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Geopolymer Solutions recently resolved a major mixing challenge on a newly designed advanced mixing system with Wingo Service’s help. (read more)


These days, process gas chromatographs are a key part of the standard instrumentation of most production plants for synthetic rubber. These analyzers continuously monitor processing variables such as composition of the process streams and play an essential role in efficient plant operation and product quality. Maxum Process Gas Chromatograph measures and optimizes Synthetic Rubber production. (read more)


Modern EO/EG (Ethylene Oxide/ Ethylene Glycol) plants are highly integrated units where part or all of the EO produced in the EO section can be recovered as glycols, if desired, in the glycol section. Plant integration allows for significant savings in utilities as well for the recovery of all bleed streams as high-grade-products instead of lower grade products in the case of non-integrated plants. (read more)